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Last update: June 8, 2003
Finally... Affordable web design for small bussiness...
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Packer's Web Biscuit Design

If you operate a small business then you probably don't have the time necessary to design a web page that will get you and your business noticed. I specialize in web pages for the small business because I can apreciate budget of a small business. I operate this small business.

More and more potential customers are looking for local businesses online. Some of you may put your phone number in the yellow pages so you can be found. What if potential consumers could type your name in a search engine and find you that way? Instead of finding a black and yellow square block of catchy phrases and a phone number, they could see full color photos of your establishment, your product, in a word, You. Retail stores, real estate offices, pizza delivery, who ever you are, I can get you noticed.

Would you like to see You can, and for less than you think. A web site doesn't have to replace print, radio, or even TV ads, they can work together and give the potential customer so much more. Include your web address just as you would a phone number or email address and you open up your doors to clients from the privacy of their own homes.



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