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Meet the Girlz of Girlz Got Rhythm



Aquiring her first drumset at the young age of 8, Angie's musical passion and dedication makes her one of the most talented drummers in the area. Being capable of playing many styles of music, Angie has held the beat for various classic rock bands as well as the well known local country band, Midnight Rodeo, who opened up for Mark Chestnut. Her influences include John Bonham, Neil Peart and other various great rock drummers.

Bass & Vocals


After attending her first Bon Jovi concert, Leah's musical interest flourished into a never-ending love for the art of music. Educated in various styles of music, Leah has finally found her musical outlet with the creation of this duo. Also educated in sound recording, Girlz Got Rhythm is a self-sufficient duo maintaining their own equipment and sound. Vocal Influences include Ann Wilson, Steve Perry and Pat Benatar.